Blockchain Projects for Enterprises

Businesses of all sizes are making efforts towards unearthing Blockchain based apps daily. Blockchain App Development is the most trending tech domain recently along with Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions

For instance, the market in real estates is now relying on the Blockchain to realign property rentals. All over the globe, users with excess energy are porting it via grids for others in need. Amazingly, there are Blockchain apps targeting to turn things around in the farming industry.

Businesses should not rely on fiction while taking on new technology applications. In essence, they need a solid platform that’s within their budgets, can handle increasing volumes while it can still foster other projects that are being conceived, at the minimum, it must be fully compliant with the set regulations.

At the moment, only a small fraction of the Blockchain projects meet the rigorous set of requirements for business use. Whenever a need is established, developers take action. It only requires a few companies with interest to spearhead a general acceptance.

Over the past few years, a few high scale projects have taken shape and are very ideal for the special requirements of enterprises. For every project, there is a special need that’s met and that makes up for the competitive advantage for the success of each, globally.

  • Cryptyk
Blockchain Projects for Enterprise

From detailed statistics, businesses taking on cloud storage spend $1 for it and end up spending $4 towards the security. Since 2015, heavy resources have been channelled into cybersecurity projects, contrasting sharply with the rising occurrences of data breaches (which have doubled) in the United States.

Cryptyk innovatively narrows down to the security of business data based on storage structures. It’s a deliberate move from the centralization of data by digital fences. Cryptyk does encryption, splitting, re-encryption, and then storage via 5 unique cloud services. The challenge posed for an attacker would be to penetrate all of the 5 systems to obtain any file that’s encrypted.

Cryptyk’s creates a layer of immunity within the system by typically killing the incentives for any unauthorized data miner. Again, it offers a real-time environment coupled with a customized security monitor to deter any access which can be tracked internally.

Cryptyk already has a prototype that’s functioning and already tested through by many users and hackers as well. Cryptyk’s token has a presale running from February 2018 to the end of August 2018. Find more about Cryptyk within cyber-security.


Blockchain Projects for Enterprise

Factom aims to restore trusts around the audits of precious documents ranging from the accessing of changes within digital documents; it weeds off counterfeiting by tracing the paper trails online. In essence, Fatcom offers a set of tools for enterprises to retain awareness of their files and therefore fosters the creation of a trustworthy system that’s transparent for the management.

Fatcom isn’t another Blockchain and the mode of operations relies on a layer of data that can perform on any other Blockchain app. Therefore, it takes on leveraging already existing networks to create more reliable networks within the company operations. Fatcom avoids bloat transactions that are a loss with most gigantic Blockchain apps; hence it’s very scalable while very cheap to roll out.

Factom has grown steadily. Their team offers 2 main products, dLoc which tracks physical documentation, and Harmony, for digital tracking. The original user case was within the mortgage industry with heavy adaptability for medical records, legal documentation, filming scripts as well as for employee’s information.

Factom offers a unique solution for the transparency in document audits, with the ability to influentially disrupt several disciplines.


Blockchain Projects for Enterprise

Neblio is a Blockchain based platform purposely for business services and applications. It’s open source with key features being:

Ease of use with simple tools for APIs helping firms to code and use the next generation Daaps. It’s for easy to record, relate documents with IoTs while securely managing the identities and managing the legacy architectures of databases with speedy and very scalable un-centralized solutions.

Neblio started easily with an idea that firms can tap into Blockchain for an array of purposes backed up with manageable capital outlays, that allows a faster onboarding plus the benefit of promising ROIs

Neblio is compatible with multiple programming languages via APIs with great documentation for user and developer manuals that takes to onboard the needs of even small start-ups. The low learning curve offers Neblio a promising arena within the business world.

It great for proof-of-stakes and users can earn passive returns over the long term. Neblio is among the top projects to watch in June 2018, as a project with unbelievable amounts of drive.

VeChain Thor

Blockchain Projects for Enterprise

VeChain Thor is among the pioneer firms of the Blockchain; its focus is on information and products. Ideally, offering an ICO platform and Daaps that allow businesses to do business less the need for an intermediary. Therefore, the transparent arena phases out counterfeiters, fraudsters as well as instances of data manipulations. In essence, companies channel all their efforts into collaborative achievements.

The main application case of VeChain can be termed to as providing the supply chains for the Blockchain. VeChain turns things around bypassing the old ways of validating, sharing and allowing access to data in an uncentralized scenario. Any business that has an interest in the information entailing supply chains can manage that by use of private keys for access.

VeChain Thor has steadily garnered momentum over time with no symptoms of slowing down. Their partnerships link through continents, companies and governments as well. Some of the organizations included are the Oxford University Mathematical Institute and BMW. VeChain Thor has solid use cases and therefore forms a viable investment for either businesspeople or coin traders.


Blockchain Projects for Enterprise

Stratis: had inception towards being an enterprise-alternative to Ethereum projects with a focus to offering a go-to Blockchain-as-a-service platform for financial firms, governments, and huge corporates. They would benefit from a stable, low-cost- decentralized system. The team has always focused on that.

One key feature with Stratis is the deploy-ability of smart contracts written in C#, which is a language with a knowledge base of millions in developers for business apps. Therefore, users and developers develop Blockchain content based on a language they all know and a workflow they’re accustomed to. The con is a C# developer is able to debug through codes and security scanning for .NET Frameworks and can verify a Stratis smart contract less any need for modifications.

Stratis attained an impressive milestone within 2018. That’s the launch of the  ICO platform, releasing the alpha versions for Smart Contracts written in C# language, that was backed up by the two key partnerships with promising massive business growth into the future.


Blockchain Projects for Enterprise

Waltonchain project has great ambitious: connecting everything. It’s based on the Internet of Things (IoT) with radical steps in the recent past with a huge shift from physical to virtual ecosystems. The main challenge is trust versus centralization within enterprises by combining Blockchain and RFID tagging for massive integrations for objects and information to work seamlessly. That allows the tracking, monitoring, and management of both physical and digital items with great accuracy. The dubbed it is as Value IoT and is a revolutionary aspect on supply chains globally.

Waltonchain went online on March 31, 2018, with important partners like Huodull with a focus towards deploying a logistical platform.


Blockchain Projects for Enterprise

Emercoin is a platform offering wide varieties of services (DNS, SSH bridging, SSL infrastructures, magnet torrent-management, anti-counterfeits auditing, and others. It has an impressive tech-solution tree with an ultimate focus on secure data solutions for businesses.

Emercoin launched in 2013 with a promising future. Their roadmap featured new wallets which are escrow-less and with peer-to-peer transactions managing system.

Over the coming 3 years, Emercoin has plans to roll out a web browser. That will integrate the Lightning Network composed of an in-house Certificate Authority service.


Blockchain Projects for Enterprise

Ontology is entirely a distributed ledger network derived from NEO Blockchain and targets to enforce an infrastructure with trust. They’ll attain that by harmonizing the peer-to-peer systems bringing together collaborative elements with identity verification and data exchange rolled out as a singular service.

Ontology network is meant public use but grapples with a focus on collaborativeness and low costs for enterprises. Essentially, cross-industries communications pose huge hurdles for trusted partners, and that raises the bar when decentralized environments come into the scene, where public access is core. The challenge with Ontology is to provide data security all across stakeholders.

Launched in 2018, Ontology offers a free ONT airdrop targeting NEO holders. They are growing with partnerships, revised roadmaps and already hit $1 billion market cap.


Blockchain Projects for Enterprise

Dragonchain was conceptualized from Disney as an entertainment private Blockchain, it’s already gone open –source and placed under the management of Dragonchain Foundation as a Not-for-Profit.

2 main factors with Dragonchain are:

Ease of deploy-ability of smart contracts, and

The coin-agnostic ecosystem.

Developers use several programming languages to do smart contracts. They include, NodeJS, Python, Java, C#, and Go. They can be exchanged flexibly by use of DRGN tokens being the medium of exchange. It focuses on enterprises and smart contract developers, deriving advantage from Disney’s market. It’s promising, being very fast, low in cost for smart contracts with a focus on user –ability; it’s likely to gain huge traction over time.


Blockchain Projects for Enterprise

The blockchain is yet to reach full exploration. New tests are ever churning out ideas and rolling out over numerous industries seeking viable options, always.

Ubiq is more than careful. It’s a smart contract platform as a fork from  Ethereum. Ubiq, however, has no room for hard forks; hence their Daaps can run flawlessly indefinitely.

Ubiq is business driven with great stability for little overheads. It hosts wonderful projects and with more partnerships could be the frontier in smart contracts.


Blockchain Projects for Enterprise

Syscoin is not smart contract oriented; it’s a simple solution for currency transaction problems. It’s a decentralized service allowing instantaneous purchases with little or no fee and therefore accommodates businesses and individuals.

Syscoin decentralized marketplace is its core, resembling the Ebay or Amazon. You can buy, resell, and get encrypted messages and arbitrated escrows.

Syscoin is rising since 2014 and recently deployed Syscoin 3.0 with more markets and prevents double spending instances.

Parting Thought

Enterprises have nothing that fits all especially with Blockchain. Why some value costs over stability, others go for security at expense of speed. The Blockchain is versatile enough to offer all these in one package.

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